Last week we commented on traffic accidents in general and among other things we discussed the steps you should take as well as information that you should obtain to hire a Louisiana personal injury attorney.

We have been called by numerous people asking us to abound on this again, and as you are the ones who are in charge, we will give you today more information and advice on how to hire a lawyer for a case of an accident, fall, medical malpractice or defective product.

As we have said, it is essential that you meet with a personal injury lawyer before hiring him so that you know him personally and establish rapport. During the initial consultation is when you can best do it. In this consultation, you should ask questions, all the questions you have to get a better understanding of what is expected to happen in the future and decide if, in fact, you are going to hire. If you are not comfortable with the lawyer, do not hire him. Find another one

Prepare yourself for the meeting with your lawyer so that you do not overlook anything important. Begin by recording all pertinent information about your case and collect all appropriate documentation.

Then, make a list of questions to ask the lawyer. The list should include questions about your case, as well as the lawyer’s experience and qualifications. Very important! Using this list of questions during the initial consultation will help immensely to make the most of the time invested. The questions will also help you learn more about your case and create an excellent client-attorney relationship. You should not have any discomfort or fear as any conversation you have with the lawyer is private and confidential, and the lawyer can not make public the information you provided unless you authorize it. Therefore, tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Some critical questions to ask your lawyer are the following. In fact, look for pencil and paper to write them down:

  • Do I have a personal injury case? Let the lawyer explain if, in fact, you have a case or not and how strong or weak it is.
  • What are my rights? You need to know what they are to act correctly.
  • What information should I provide? The faster you give this, the faster the case will take.
  • What is the legal process? It demands that the lawyer take the time to explain it to you so that it is understood.
  • What is the term to initiate the claim? You have to know if you are on time and how much time you have left.
  • You should also ask questions about the lawyer and his experience, such as:
  • What experience do you have in handling my type of case? Have you taken this type of case? How often? What results it has had to Make sure you are experienced. Otherwise, do not hire it.
  • How long have you been in practice? It is not the same 10 or 12 years as 33 years of experience. Remember that experience helps avoid mistakes.
  • How is it charged for services? How much will it cost? What expenses will you have to cover?
  • Finally, will you personally handle my case or will you be referred to another lawyer?

It’s surprising to know that a significant number of lawyers will announce that when they are hired, they immediately refer the case to another lawyer that you do not know. Do not let this happen to you. Question! Protect yourself! It’s your right!

Do not be afraid to ask questions that are important to you. In fact, if the lawyer does not answer them to your satisfaction, do not hire them. Find another one.