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New Cool Workplace Setups

Are you thinking of changing the design or layout of your office space or both? With the New Year coming up, business owners are looking for creative ways to boost productivity and bring more results in the office space. This means that your workplace should be functional and effective depending on your businesses needs. An effective workplace is designed to enhance performance levels of those who work within the walls of the office space. The design plays a huge role in our businesses. It directly impacts productivity, attentiveness, creativity, and collaboration. This is why design trends are constantly changing to adapt to the demands of businesses. Today’s architects, designers, and contractors work beyond creating energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.

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Should Our Office Have a Pantry? (Pros and Cons)

Snack Nation revealed that 67% of employees with access to office snacks are very happy or extremely happy at work. They are also said to be more productive and feel more satisfied than their peers without an office pantry. Seamless also revealed that 60% of employees note free office food makes them feel more appreciated for their contributions to the company and their hard work. It is of this essence that many managers conclude that snacks may foster company loyalty and improve their relationship with their employees.

On the contrary, there is the constant temptation of binge snacking even when they’re not hungry. This is more prominent when there are deadlines to be met and long hours that cause people to guzzle. . .

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