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Best CMS Tools to Improve Productivity

Did you know that a content management system can improve your productivity in many different ways? It gives you the ability to create your own functional website and is used by almost all websites and blogs to create and manage their content. A good CMS is user-friendly even to those without a coding background. You no longer have to spend countless of hours trying to learn a code. A good CMS can boost your productivity levels by streamlining website changes and allowing you to plan, schedule content creation and publish them. Content management systems can also help with quality control of your content and better user experience.
Lucky for us at this time, software and technology companies developed and launched tools and platforms to help enterprise teams effectively. . .

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How to Manage a Remote Workforce

Telecommuting or remote work is the result of a boost in technology that allowed for new growth in the business setting. Not only has it been proven to be cost-effective and boosts employee performance, but it is deemed to be the norm in the future. Companies like insurance company Aetna and American Express have reported savings of $10M to $75M from their remote workers. With the right management of a remote workforce, you can create an effective remote environment for your business. We can learn a thing or two from Delegate who chose to build their company on 100% virtual operation for 8 years now. . .

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