Are you thinking of changing the design or layout of your office space or both? With the New Year coming up, business owners are looking for creative ways to boost productivity and bring more results in the office space. This means that your workplace should be functional and effective depending on your businesses needs. An effective workplace is designed to enhance performance levels of those who work within the walls of the office space. The design plays a huge role in our businesses. It directly impacts productivity, attentiveness, creativity, and collaboration. This is why design trends are constantly changing to adapt to the demands of businesses. Today’s architects, designers, and contractors work beyond creating energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Many new workplace designs are inspiring and results-producing. These workplaces make happier and healthier individuals. This design involves innovative thinking.

This year, it’s time to say goodbye to old walls that block natural lighting and separate departments. It’s time to take away design elements that contribute to worker burnout and distract creativity. As businesses look into their plans for the upcoming year, these trends offer opportunities for interior designers, architects and employers alike to maximize their workplace setups.

Office Organization by Color
The color palette of your office space sets the mood for productivity, creativity, and happiness. More and more offices add pops of color into their work setting using accessories and furniture.

Green Dividers in Replacement of Cubicle Walls
We’re seeing offices that remove dull, gray cubicle walls in favor of open office spaces and stand-alone green walls. This improves collaboration and a positive workflow in the room. Those who are unable to install green dividers opt to add hanging plants, air plants, and groups of plants.

Constantly Shifting Layouts
Flexibility is seen as a top trend in workplace design. Traditional permanent layouts are ending to meet the growing need for an adjustable, changing work landscape. Modular components can be moved around, stacked and mixed to offer a wide variety of combinations of dynamic and collaborative office setups.

Unconventional WorkPlace Setup
We’re seeing spaces that bring home comfort into the office. We see offices that add game rooms, showers, a living room, meditation room and conference room with plants, yoga mats, and vibrant colors. These spaces tend to favor homey and comfortable designs that enhance the overall satisfaction of workers.

Dedicated Lounge Areas
Offices now mandate the addition of dedicated lounge areas that boost camaraderie and collaboration among workers. New office furniture includes the use of height adjustable tables which are great for standing meetings. For brainstorming and regular meetings, oval-shaped office desks for 4-6 people can be used so workers can easily meet and collaborate.