Snack Nation revealed that 67% of employees with access to office snacks are very happy or extremely happy at work. They are also said to be more productive and feel more satisfied than their peers without an office pantry. Seamless also revealed that 60% of employees note free office food makes them feel more appreciated for their contributions to the company and their hard work. It is of this essence that many managers conclude that snacks may foster company loyalty and improve their relationship with their employees.

On the contrary, there is the constant temptation of binge snacking even when they’re not hungry. This is more prominent when there are deadlines to be met and long hours that cause people to guzzle. Add to that the possibility of obesity for employees who don’t do regular exercise.

Healthy Food Choices
Consider health-wise options that will boost employee productivity and satisfaction. You may need to add food for employees with special dietary needs such as a selection of dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. You can add healthier alternatives to your office menus such as salads, low-salt snacks, nuts and less sweet food.

Budgeting for an Office Pantry
Do you need fully-stocked canteens and meal counters? Are snack bars with healthy yogurt tins enough? Do you need to hire a third party to cater your meals or should your company try subscription boxes? Let’s go over some of your options.

  • Corporate Catering- You can search for an independent caterer or a good restaurant to handle the meal preparation, setup and delivery. Consider this option if it will provide a considerable increase in employee satisfaction and overall performance. Conduct a survey of your employees to discover their preferences. If they are more interested in building camaraderie, snack bars may be more cost-effective.
  • In-House Catering- This may be more cost-effective than catering with a third-party. However, you need to obtain permits and licenses. You should also adhere to separate policies and code ethics. Still, snacks don’t have to be purchased and monthly investments are less.
  • Snack Vending Machines- This eliminates the hassle of having a full kitchen and hiring kitchen staff.
  • Subscription boxes- This is a new and flexible option with a lot of variety. Food is delivered pre-portioned in handy take-out boxes. You can allocate a common room where employees and converse and enjoy their meal. Otherwise, they can still have food in their cubicles.

If you don’t have enough budget to offer a constant food supply, other options you may consider include:

  • Special lunches once a month
  • Free snacks every Friday
  • Scheduled office potlucks