There are several reasons why you may need to move your business. It may be your current lease has ended or your business is expanding and you need more office space. If you need to move your business, this article will walk you through the process. First, you need to find a new location, then you can plan your move. Take note that some parts of your business will be non-operational during the move. That is why good planning will help you work your way through a quick and efficient move.

Planning the Move
If you are moving a small office, you will need at least 3 months of preparation. For medium-sized and larger office space, you will need a minimum of 6-8 months. The important thing is that you start planning as early as possible. You will need a blueprint of your new office so that you can plan the layout of your new office space and designate a budget. You also need to make sure that all employees know that changes will occur. Include in your timeline when you will be updating phone and internet services and when you will obtain licenses, insurance policies and necessary permits.

Creating a Moving Committee
You need to assign or ask volunteers from each department or division to coordinate their area. You may assign the department supervisor who will ensure that each member of his department takes responsibility of packing their files, desk and personal items. Your team can help you identify current issues with your space and provide solutions for your new space.

Schedule Regular Meetings
Include meetings in your timeline so that you can work through and adjust your schedule, assignments, and budget. Communicate decisions with your team and other employees to minimize the stress and other concerns about the move.

Allocate Resources
Identify the costs of hiring movers, carpenters, packers and painters. You also have to budget for safe equipment transportation. If you need help determining your budget, you can ask help from other members of your moving committee.

Hire Movers and Cleaners 1-3 Months Before You Move
Your next task will be to research a reliable office mover. Call a couple of companies, ask the right questions and recommendations, then use the most cost-effective service for your office move.

Update Vendors 1-3 Months Before You Move
Ensure you have important necessities at your new location. Contact your vendors to make adjustments to your new shipping and billing address. If you need a new sign or new furniture, now is the time to order.
Update your Business Cards, Letterhead, and Websites 1-2 Weeks Before You Move
Ensure that your clients and the post office know when and where you will be moving. Wrap-up last-minute tasks including client meetings, interviews and vendor deliveries.

If you plan your move well, the day of the move will be quick and efficient. Relocating an office may seem overwhelming but with the right team, checklists, preparation and a plan, you will expedite the process without leaving important matters unplanned.